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Homebuyers who want to change the look, or improve the integrity, of their new home before moving in are going to need a balance of thoughtful planning and efficient execution, so that their space ends up looking perfect by the move-in date.

If you have access to your home prior to closing, Blue Door Painters estimators will walk through your entire home with you and discuss the nuances of each improvement, referring you to our free color consultation service if you need design advice. Then we will work quickly, putting your project at the top of our priority list so that the work can be done and the home ready and welcoming by your move-in date.

If you are in a situation where you need an estimate on the work, but do not yet have access to the property, our estimators are experienced in working from the MLS listing for your new home, or working directly with your realtor to learn the details of your home and project, so that you can acquire an accurate estimate and reliable contract before you even get access to the property.

That way, when your new home does open up, the work can get done quickly and efficiently, and you will know what to expect – and budget for – ahead of time.

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