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Blue Door Painters is a full service interior and exterior finishing company. We offer the following services in the greater Washington DC and Northern Virginia area:

  • Interior Painting

  • Exterior Painting

  • Staining

  • Wallpapering

  • Wallpaper Removal

  • Drywall Replacement

  • Rust Protection

  • Paint Stripping

  • Plaster Replacement

  • Water Damage Repair

  • Lead Paint Safety

  • Mold Mitigation

Interior painting is an important aspect of household and building maintenance.  Nothing can change the way a room feels more effectively than a new paint job, making repainting an essential part of any interior redecorating or remodeling project.  Painting can change a dull, old-fashioned study into a lively, modern family room, or a tacky, outdated kitchen into a sunny, sophisticated showpiece.

Interior painting does more for a room than simply establish its style, however.  Paint protects surfaces from all sorts of contaminants in the environment, from moisture, dirt, and micro-organisms, to straightforward abrasion.  Keeping your interior paint job fresh keeps your walls strong, dry, and sturdy.    Fresh paint also makes a room look – and be – cleaner.

Pen and crayon marks on the wall, grease splashes in the kitchen, smooth or grimy patches from fingerprints on the wall, stains from moisture damage, faded areas exposed to direct sunlight, dust adhering to the cracks in painting molding – all of the common wear and tear on interior surfaces can be instantly remedied by a new paint job.  You may not have thought that the room looked dirty, but after a fresh coat of paint, you will be shocked and delighted by how clean it looks!

Blue Door Painters has years of expertise to offer to your interior painting project, to ensure that your vision for a new interior is completed quickly, flawlessly, and with the highest standards of customer service.

Exterior painting is a critical step in protecting a home or building from the elements. Outdoors, construction materials are beset by constant erosive forces: sun, rain, wind, temperature change, micro-organisms, dirt and grime, physical abrasion…to name only a few.

The materials we cover the outside of our buildings with are designed to shelter the interior from everything that nature (and man!) throws at it – and the very first line of defense is the exterior pant job. Chemists and paint engineers have carefully crafted paints that can offer protection from water, UV radiation, chemical exposure, microorganisms, physical abrasion, and more.

Exterior paint takes a beating from those same elements, however, and ought to be refinished periodically in order to ensure optimal protection.

The exterior of a home or building is also the part of that structure that is going to make the first impression on passers-by. The concept of ‘curb appeal‘ – that people judge a home or building based on what it looks like from the curb – has been well established by real estate agents and home-buyers.

The wrong exterior paint job can make a house look small, awkward, tacky, or even dirty. The right exterior paint job, on the other hand, can make a house look spacious, welcoming, and luxurious.

Painting an exterior can be a delicate process; you need to be aware of the weather, and the other environmental factors that can make your paint job fail during its vulnerable curing stage.

Blue Door Painters has been offering expert exterior painting services in the Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia areas for over 5 years; we can ensure that your home or building ends up well-protected and with the highest possible curb appeal.

Staining brings beauty to any natural wood surface. Rather than putting a colored film over the surface, stain penetrates into the wood, carrying rich color and chemical protection into the pores of the wood, leaving the attractive grain visible, but infusing the whole surface with a warm glow. Stain can be used to change the color of a wooden surface, or it can simply brighten and refresh an existing tone.

In addition to rejuvenating the look of the wood, staining offers wood protection against the elements. The chemistry of the stain gives the wood resistance to water, mildew, UV rays, and chemical attack, which extends its life beyond what you could expect from vulnerable unfinished wood.

Staining wood can be a delicate procedure; it is important to thoroughly clean and sand a surface prior to staining, and it is also important to make sure that the stain is applied evenly. Blue Door Painters uses industry standard procedures to ensure high quality work; including pressure-washing prior to staining and using the type of brush specified for the stain you select.

With many years of experience working with stain in the Washington, DC area, we will make sure that your wood comes out beautiful and glowing.

Wallpaper is one of the more versatile interior coverings; you can easily adorn your walls and ceilings with intricate patterns, complex murals, and subtle tone changes without needing to first perfect complicated decorative painting or fine arts techniques.

While it is generally categorized as ‘paper, wallpaper actually comes in all types of material, from luxurious foil to protective vinyl, making it likely that there is an appropriate type of wallpaper for every setting.

Installing wallpaper is straightforward, but it can be tedious, and it is frustrating to correct mistakes that get amplified with each sheet of wallpaper hung. Blue Door painters brings 5 years of experience to the table, offering wallpapering services that are exact and efficient, guaranteeing a strong, beautiful wallpapering job.

If you have gaudy, outdated wallpaper covering your kitchen walls, and you want to replace it, it’s not as simple as painting or wallpapering over the old paper. While it is possible to cover over old wallpaper, it isn’t recommended, both because it takes a lot of paint to successfully hide a pattern, and more importantly, because putting extra layers (of paint or paper) on top of wallpaper will stress it’s adhesion, and often end up pulling the whole system off the wall.

That said, removing wallpaper can be a tricky and delicate process; you want to get it all off, but you also don’t want to apply so much pressure or chemicals that the underlying wall is damaged. Blue Door Painters will carefully remove wallpaper from walls and ceilings without damaging the underlying substrate, leaving that surface clear and ready for new re-wallpapering or painting.

The walls in your home or building are mostly likely made out of drywall; a light, strong interior surface material made out of a layer of gypsum sandwiched between two layers of heavy-duty construction paper.  Hopefully, that drywall is insulated, installed correctly, covered with a solid protective layer of paint, never exposed to moisture or abrasion, free of mildew, and ready to hang there solidly forever.

In real life, however, moisture seeps into drywall through flooding or leaky plumbing, mildew grows in it, slamming doorknobs poke holes in it, and patches of your drywall will start to fall apart and need to be replaced.

The goal in replacing drywall is to remove the damaged section and put in a fresh drywall ‘patch’ that will blend in with the rest of the wall, making the replacement completely inconspicuous. Blue Door Painters renovators all have years of experience working with drywall repair, making the replacement procedure smooth, and the results seamless. Your walls could look as good as new!

Iron, whether wrought, cast, or alloyed into steel, is vulnerable to rust when exposed to oxygen. The chemical onslaught against the stability of a metal substrate is relentless, threatening to undermine the very strength for which the metal is prized.

While many forms of steel are given factory protection against rust (galvanized or stainless steel, for example), the very best way to protect any metal surface from chemical reaction with the elements is to paint it.

Blue Door Painters will paint metal surfaces with a rust-resistant primer, paint, or sealant, which will protect the metal against rust, and extend its life as a functional construction material. The right paint job can help keep your metal surfaces strong, proud, and beautiful.

If your paint job is failing, or if it is old or otherwise untrustworthy, it needs to be stripped completely off the wall before painting (or any other refinishing).  Painting or wallpapering on top of old or failing paint is doomed to disaster: when the old paint peels off the surface, it will take the brand new coating with it.

Old paint needs to be stripped from walls and ceilings before repainting, wallpapering, or staining, in order to ensure proper adhesion and a long-lasting result.

That said, stripping paint can be a tricky and delicate process; you need to get it all off, but you also don’t want to apply so much pressure or chemicals that the underlying wall is damaged.  Blue Door Painters will carefully strip old paint from walls and ceilings without damaging the underlying substrate, leaving that surface clear and ready for refinishing.

When they are in good shape, plaster surfaces are attractive and sturdy protective wall coverings.  As they age, however, plaster surfaces get chipped, marred, worn down, and subjected to moisture damage.

Luckily, repairing plaster is a straightforward procedure, and Blue Door Painters has years of experience with plaster repair.  We will smooth down and re-plaster damaged and marred surfaces so that they look nice, and are ready to be repainted.

When water gets into a building, through leaky plumbing, roof leaks, flooding, condensation, high ambient moisture, extended exposure to steam, or any other source, it slowly erodes through all layers of that building’s construction. Wood, metal, drywall, stucco, masonry, flooring, and even paint, are all broken down by extended exposure to moisture. In addition, a moist substrate is the ideal environment for mildew and other microorganisms to breed, offering their own unique brand of damage to the construction.

Water damage can usually be visibly observed, as it will create a stain on a painted surface, in addition to any mildew or noticeable physical changes to the surface’s texture. In order to correct water damage, the moisture source needs to be identified and neutralized, and then all of the damaged materials need to be replaced with fresh, dry substitutes. In the case of extensive damage, the paint, drywall, and underlying wood or metal framing may all need to be replaced.

Blue Door Painters estimators will review your water damage and offer a recommendation. We do not offer plumbing or framing, but if your damage is extensive enough to require engaging any of those services, we would be happy to refer you to someone we trust for that part of the project. Once the moisture is neutralized, we will take care of stripping the old coatings, replacing any damaged drywall, and re-painting the entire surface with a new, moisture-resistant coating that will resist moisture-derived deterioration in the future.

Many homes built prior to 1978 used lead-based paint.  The lead in the paint is a health risk, especially as the paint ages, because lead causes tissue failure when lead particles are absorbed into the body.

Remodeling increases the risk involved with lead paint, because it disturbs the paint, causing the dust to circulate throughout the air, where it spreads to a wider area and becomes available to be absorbed into the body through ingestion or inhalation.  Lead is particularly a health risk for children, whose developing bodies can suffer more extreme complications from lead exposure.

Blue Door Painters is an EPA certified contractor, trained and experienced in assessing lead risk and in containing dust during remodeling.  If your building was built before 1978, we will use our training to determine whether you have a lead risk, and to take all measures to free your home of lead and to protect your health.

Mold in the home can be a serious health hazard.  While Blue Door Painters is not a full service mold detection or remediation service, we can give an initial assessment of your situation, and we can recommend you to the proper experts if your situation is serious enough to warrant professional mold remediation.

With lower-key mold contamination situations, the mold can be controlled by removal with bleach-based detergent, power-washing, stripping, and replacing underlying wood or drywall.  Blue Door Painters offers all of these services to correct minor mold problems, and leave your structure strong, beautiful, and mold-free.

Blue Door Painters takes particular care to make sure that when the work is completed, the wall is refinished seamlessly so that no evidence of past damage remains.