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Color Consultation

Choosing the right colors for your space is a critical and delicate task. No matter what colors you choose, you will have to live with them on a daily basis, and the final effect of each color scheme can be rather surprising.

While some people have a natural instinct for color, and approach remodeling with a very clear vision, most of us struggle to get a good sense of what we want, what our space can handle, and what we want to live with in the long term.

Color Consultation

To help overcome the design hurdle, Blue Door Painters offers color consultation service with a trained design expert, complementary with any contract, or $175 as a stand-alone service.  Our color consultants will visit your site, meet with you, study your vision and preferences, educate you on design basics, and then walk you through the development of a color scheme that you can really trust.  That way, you can have an added guarantee that the new paint job you invested in will be one that truly suits your needs, complements your space, and expresses your personal style.

Want some help picking colors from the comfort of your own home?  Try these online color picking programs from two of our top paint suppliers.  They offer you the expertise and guidance that comes from years of research, so you can begin to get a sense of how your ideal colors might work in your space, before you even get started.

  1. Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer
  2. Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer