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Drywall Hanging

Drywall, a strong, light substance composed of a layer of gypsum sandwiched in between two sheets of heavy-duty paper, is the most common interior surface in modern buildings.  Installation – and painting – of drywall is one of the final steps in making a room ‘finished’.

Drywall, which is secured directly to the wood or steel framing of a building’s walls, holds in the insulation, hides any plumbing or electricity running through the walls, and provides a flat, even exterior surface for painting and decorating.  Drywall can also give a wall extra protection from water, mildew, or fire, depending on the type of drywall selected.

Blue Door Painters will install new drywall in unfinished basements, additions, or attics.  We will also prime and paint your new drywall, so that the unfinished area can actually turn into a room!  Installing drywall is a procedure that can seem overwhelming, but with Blue Door Painters’ dedication to quality and efficiency, you will see your new room emerging in no time!

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