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Wallpaper Removal

If you have gaudy, outdated wallpaper covering your kitchen walls, and you want to replace it, it’s not as simple as painting or wallpapering over the old paper.  While it is possible to cover over old wallpaper, it isn’t recommended, both because it takes a lot of paint to successfully hide a pattern, and more importantly, because putting extra layers (of paint or paper) on top of wallpaper will stress it’s adhesion, and often end up pulling the whole system off the wall.

That said, removing wallpaper can be a tricky and delicate process; you want to get it all off, but you also don’t want to apply so much pressure or chemicals that the underlying wall is damaged.  Blue Door Painters will carefully remove wallpaper from walls and ceilings without damaging the underlying substrate, leaving that surface clear and ready for new re-wallpapering or painting.

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