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Water Damage Repair

When water gets into a building, through leaky plumbing, roof leaks, flooding, condensation, high ambient moisture, extended exposure to steam, or any other source, it slowly erodes through all layers of that building’s construction.  Wood, metal, drywall, stucco, masonry, flooring, and even paint, are all broken down by extended exposure to moisture.  In addition, a moist substrate is the ideal environment for mildew and other microorganisms to breed, offering their own unique brand of damage to the construction.

Water damage can usually be visibly observed, as it will create a stain on a painted surface, in addition to any mildew or noticeable physical changes to the surface’s texture.  In order to correct water damage, the moisture source needs to be identified and neutralized, and then all of the damaged materials need to be replaced with fresh, dry substitutes.  In the case of extensive damage, the paint, drywall, and underlying wood or metal framing may all need to be replaced.

Blue Door Painters estimators will review your water damage and offer a recommendation.  We do not offer plumbing or framing, but if your damage is extensive enough to require engaging any of those services, we would be happy to refer you to someone we trust for that part of the project.  Once the moisture is neutralized, we will take care of stripping the old coatings, replacing any damaged drywall, and re-painting the entire surface with a new, moisture-resistant coating that will resist moisture-derived deterioration in the future.

Check out some of our water damage repair work right here.