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Loudoun County, VA

About Loudoun County

Traditionally a rural region, Loudoun County, VA, has undergone a population and development explosion starting in the 1980s.  Spurred by its proximity to Dulles International Airport (most of which is contained within Loudoun County), the Dulles Technology Corridor (popular nickname for the development distributed along I-66 from Dulles to DC), and Washington, DC, the population of Loudoun County has more than quadrupled since 1980, with new suburban development accounting for over 90% of the population’s residences.

Loudoun County vies from year to year with its neighbor, Fairfax County, for the title of ‘most wealthy county in the country’.  The county stretches all the way from the Dulles airport west to the still-rural region of Bluemont, with many significant neighborhoods contained within it.  Blue Door Painters is proud to work in all of the Loudoun County neighborhoods within close range of the Washington, DC beltway, including Ashburn, Brambleton, Broadlands, Hamilton, Leesburg, Round Hill, South Riding, and Sterling, VA.

Painting Loudoun County

Painting and refinishing in the newer neighborhoods of Loudoun County, VA, is an opportunity to foster unique designs for recently built residences.  Since most of the construction is new enough that serious structural degradation and the environmental challenges of older buildings (especially lead paint) do not occur very frequently, working as a painting contractor in Loudoun County, VA, is also a welcome opportunity to participate in clean, straightforward projects.

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